Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revisit: 12 Things

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So we're more than 1/2 way towards the year, and I suddenly remember my 12 goals that I wanted to accomplished by the end of 2012. 12 for 12. Got it. I shall post the goals here for you. 

1. Missionary Trip (this will happen in March)
2. Bake and Decor a Cake. This I've never done ever!
3. Bake a batch of Macaroons
4. Bungee Jump and/or Sky Dive
5. Cha-Cha Family Reunion. This should be the year, guys.
6. Read at least 5 novels by the end of the year. 7. Do a photo shoot of my baked goods. I must notify Ollie for this. Tee Hee.
8. Beer Tasting. Yes, I know wine tasting should be fun (and probably romantic too) but I'm a beer girl. I would love to explore the world of beer. Not to just get buzz on it.
9. Get a legit Physical Exam, inside out. I do have health insurance since I started work, but I've never taken great advantage of it. This time, I will. Haha.
10. Master the art of Fried Rice. Yes. Either the Thai Version, Chinese Version or Indo Version. I'm serious.
11. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. Always wanted to do this. Even just for a weekend.
12. Make Snow Angels. Haven't yet.

DAMN. I only completed 6. I need 6 more to go.

  • Most likely #5 will happen in October (I'm beyond excited for that). 
  • #11 is in process. Until now, Humane Society haven't contacted me yet. Boo.
  • I need to make an appointment for #9. I keep on forgetting. I changed health insurance and I need to find a doctor STAT.
  • #4 may changed in to Cliff Diving, since it's cheaper. Hmmm... It still involves jumping from a higher place, right? hehe...
  • I need to find a good place to do #8. Maybe Hangar 24? Hmmmmm...
  • As for #12... I'm kinda doubting it will happen this year knowing how weird mother nature is lately. But you never know. She's bipolar. She may throw snow at me tomorrow, if she feels like it.
How about you? Do have goals to accomplish this year? Share!!

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  1. I love the idea of 12 new things in 2012. You are much more adventurous then me with the bungee jumping, sky diving, or cliff diving.

    1. it's one thing that i just want to cross of my list. I did ziplining before so I think I can handle jumping off of something now. hahaha

  2. I'm not a big drinker, but I'm a beer girl too. I have been doing 101 things to do in 1001 days and trying 25 different beers is on my list. I'm half way done!

    Also, I need to master the art of fried rice as well.

    1. I'm a rice eater (mmm asian much) and we always have left over rice. hence, friend rice. riceroni. rice.

      i gotz to read that 101 list

  3. Beer is my thing too but I'm slowly getting into wine! I started with fruity whites and I've now ventured into Reds. Anyhoot, congrats on almost being done with the list, you can finish it off no doubt!


    1. i'm really slow on wine. so far moscato, riesling and chardonnay are the ones I can down. haha... Don't ask me about pairing. I have no Idea on that level.

      BEER FTW.

  4. I will need photo evidence of all of this.

    1. so far i do have proof of the 6 stuffs i did (thank God hahahaha). Thanks for the idea Alyx. Once this list is (hopefully) completed, I will do a pictorial entry of it. Awesome. Thanks chicaaa

  5. Some great goals... Good luck!
    Stopping by from GFC hop! I am your newest follower. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can ;)

    I am hosting Like Me on Facebook tonight. Love for you to link up your fan page!