Saturday, September 13, 2014

Food Pornin'

I noticed that I haven't been talking about food lately (my no. 1 passion). I have somewhat abandoned my other blog about food, Gula & Garam, since like who has the time to commit to 2 blogs, let alone 1?

Anyways, since I graduated ProBaking 1 last March, I have been experimenting on baking and cooking. Lately I have been drawn more on learning how to perfect a cake and actually learning more on Korean food. I swear I am secretly Korean... Maybe in my past life!

I made some Spinach and Bean Sprout Korean Side Dish. Mother went ham on this. It was so good consuming this with a bowl of hot rice and spam. #droolz
These cupcakes were made for a baby shower with a Superman theme (hence the colored frostings). 
One day I was craving Beef Teriyaki. Then I went to the store, bought beef and duh, made Beef Teriyaki. Again, Mother went ham on this. 
This naked Carrot Cake was made for a baby shower at work for a fellow nurse. Her baby's name was Ella, but after the birth of the baby girl, we found out she named her Kennedy Ella. How freakin' adorable is that name?!?!
My Assist. Manager at work challenged me to make a layered Pineapple Upside Down cake. I have never had or made this cake before and now I know why this is a classic American cake. Hot damn this cake was glorious. So for this cake, the top was the Upside down cake and the layers were Vanilla cake with whipped buttercream & crushed pineapples in between. #winner
Another Korean dish. During that nurse's baby shower, my little Korean nurse made Japchae. I asked her what in the world is this noodle dish because it was divine. I made some at home and of course, Mother went ham on it. I ended up making 2 huge foils of this for my church's potluck.
One Sunday morning, Mother wanted Pancakes. She woke me up on a deep sleep (uh, thanks). Mother wants pancakes, Mother gets pancakes. I ended up feeding the whole house. These were so fluffy, even Chimmy was jealous. I really need to practice on flipping dem jacks though!
I made Baked Zucchini & Corn Pasta and it was a hit at home & at work. 

I really do miss taking cooking/baking classes. Unfortunately I can not continue to take ProBaking 2. My school decided to merge ProBaking 1 & 2 into just, ProBaking. I was really sad when I found out about it, but what do you do. Good thing there is but I still do miss having the human interaction. I guess I will browse around for other classes, like a 1 day course (thru Sur La Table or other schools), and maybe browse on the interweb for future classes/school in Zurich. 

I hope I didn't make you hungry!
- Rima

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Glasses Shop

see my chinky eyes there? 
I do have a little Chinese in me. 

Anyways, one day I received an email from Bruce Lee. At first I was like, "uh, that was kinda morbid..." But then this Bruce Lee is alive and well and awesome. 
Because he is funny to communicate with.

Now if a PR from a company is funny, I am assuming their customer service would be funny too #fingerscross

Anyways, being the nerdy girl I am, I love glasses. As you know, I have a buttload. So when I discovered, I shout with glee. Yay. More glasses for me.

Lucky you, oh dear readers, I gift you a coupon code: bolu20 for You get 20% off of all glasses on

I received a uber awesome cat-eye Red frame and I love it. It is light and feels great on my crazy face. Their selection of glasses are plenty for you to buy one or two (or 3 4 5 6 7...)

So head on to and use the code above and happy shopping :)

- Rima

ps: this is a review post. glasses were received as compensation but all opinions are solely my own

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#bolugoestobrazil: Football Edition

The Pillow and I love football (soccer for you 'Muricas).
I grew up in Indonesia watching Manchester United rule the world (for a jiff). The Pillow pretty much loves it since diaper land (he eat, breathe, live soccer). 

So of course one of the main reason of us going to Brazil was to watch the World Cup.
And the World Cup is a big deal, yo... Considered this bucket list: CHECKED.

So we arrived in Sao Paolo on 4th of July. Due to several hours long layover, we decided to hop on the train & bus and head on to the FIFA Fan Fest in downtown. Of course, we wore something American to celebrate Independence Day. We stayed to watch the France vs Germany, with Germany advancing to the next level. 
Then our first match happened in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Rob brought his fathead of Messi & Di Maria which made us in to Fox News & Univision. Hahaha... The Argentinian fans went crazy. They kept on wanting to do selfies with us or the fatheads. Being surrounded by hardcore fans of Argentina was surreal. I got chills when they sang the national anthem. It was a good game, despite not seeing a great Messi goal. But we didn't care, Argentina advanced to the next round beating Belgium. We met up with Rob's friend, Lauren & Kevin, who are also Argentina fans.
Our next match was the Semi Finals between Argentina and Netherlands, and mind you, that was a heart attack waiting to happen. The game ended in penalty kicks and Lauren & I was holding our pee for the whole 120 minutes. The nerves were wracking up like crazy. Rob was literally waiting to explode, either with happiness or sadness. Good thing Argentina won and the vibe there was incredible. To see these hardcore fans cry happy tears while waving their sky blue & white flag, hugging strangers, singing their game songs was an amazing experience for me. Sports really brings out the best in people (when winning, haha). But seriously, sport unites.

For the other Semi Final game, Brazil vs Germany, we were in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. We decided to watch it in the Fifa Fan Fest... but then Brazil got killed by Germany. Hard. Fans were crying. From kids to old men were bawling. The Brazilians took it hard, we were afraid we were going to get caught in a riot. We had to fly out that night to Sao Paulo, so we left even before the game ended. Good thing we did because there was a riot post game in the area we were in! Woo!

As for the final, in Rio de Janeiro, unfortunately we didn't get tickets. Actually Rob purchased one from a website similar to StubHub but they actually cancelled it LAST MINUTE. He was soooo bummed. We spent all morning on the day online emailing people and on, hoping to score some last minute tickets. People were selling tickets like they're gold (well, pretty much they were gold), especially knowing that it's Argentina, Brazil old rival, playing the Finals in their rival land. People were selling tickets for $6000 a piece. We even went to Maracana (the stadium) hoping to scout, but we didn't because cops were everywhere (you may get arrested because it was illegal). So we ended up heading back to Copacabana, went to our "old" hotel and good thing we kept our hotel key, and headed up to the rooftop bar to watch the game. And it was actually a brilliant idea. We were able to watch the game in peace and actually mourned in peace because Argentina lost. Copacabana was PACKED. It was ridiculous. But since we were on top of the roof, we were able to see everything from above. Kinda cool. But we were sad. Well Rob was in particular. As we left Copacabana, we were surrounded by sad yet happy Argentineans. Sad because they lost the final, but glad because they advanced way more than the host, Brazil, in the World Cup... especially being major rivals in football.

Overall the experience is amazing. To experience true fans excitement was very thrilling. Every time I replay videos of my time there, it brings a huge smile to my face. 
This is something that may not happen again in our lifetime. Or maybe it's just the beginning. 

Til the next #bolugoestobrazil :)
- Rima

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Got a Dollar?

Dolla Dolla Make You Holla...

As you know, I wear glasses. Nerdy Glasses FTW.

Anyways, if you are like me (wears glasses), that needs wants a new pair (who doesn't) and have an extra buck (of course you do), my buddies at is having a SAAALLEEEE!!!

Psst. This is what they told me,
"Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited (only one week from Aug. 28 to Sept 3); so are the quantities of available frames and lenses, 9 different styles of eyeglasses will be updated everyday.
During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1."

One Dollar! $1! Uno! 
For that, you can use promo code: 1dollar

So go and head on to and buy a pair! You know you want one ;)


disclaimer: this post is a promotional post and I am receiving compensation for it. Nevertheless, hey, it's a great ass deal!