Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't Try So Hard

Of course by now y'all know that infamous Try video clip by Colbie Caillat. The moment I hit play and listen to her beautiful voice, I was filled with all of these emotions when I listened to the lyrics and saw the video. At the end, I was in tears. 

I was diagnosed with vitiligo when I was in 5th grade. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was in 5th grade. I start wearing glasses in 5th grade. I start having bad zits in 5th grade. 

Pretty much 5th grade was the turning point.

But I am pretty much one of those kids that don't really care about my appearance... even up until High School. I had friends who cared about me the way I look. The way I was/am. 

Unfortunately someone in the close started bringing up my flaws. 
"Let's find a great make-up line to cover your vitiligo"
"Stand up straight so you look taller"
"I hope one day someone will love you/marry you even though you have those white spots in your skin"
"Put some make up on so people don't stare at your white spots"

The lists goes on and on...

My vitiligo gotten worse during college. I started to get more self-conscious. I had years of trials and errors finding the right hue of foundation to cover up my white spots. I always feel like people are staring at me all the time because of my vit. 

I spent years during my teens and college years never swim in public pools or beaches. I just stay on the side, just getting my feet wet, wearing clothes that cover my blotches. I was afraid for being judged as a freak. 

When my last relationship before Rob ended, that person said, "I hope he didn't break up with you because of your skin"

I felt humiliated and insulted.

Until I started dating Rob. I decided to be honest and told him in the beginning of our relationship that I have vitiligo. He didn't seem to care. He never brought up my skin condition. He never made fun of me or tell me that I need to put some make up on to cover it up. 

All he said was, "It doesn't bother me. All I want is for you to be happy."
He actually asked me what do I wear big glasses because it's nerdy. He made me laugh and I said, "Nerdy is my style"

I asked about my skin condition a couple of times during our relationship. I even asked, "Do you love me even though I have these weird spots on my body?" And he said, "Of course I love you. Why do you even asked?"

And yes, that's why I'm with him. That's why I love him. He loves me the way I am. 
And that's when I started to not really care what others think.
I slowly stop wearing my cover up make up (only wearing it when I'm going to church or important events. Indonesians are very nosey & it gets annoying). I started swimming in public wearing a bathing suit/bikini. On days off, I just bare face and hit my local Fresh & Easy market in a messy bun. On work days, I just wear my usual Mac powder, eyeliner and mascara & lip balm. Simple and sweet. No cover up make up. 

And with this heavy load of my chest, I feel free. I feel liberated. I feel happy. I feel like being the Real Me.

With my spots showing, I actually started educating people when they ask. I had patients who has vitiligo without knowing what it is asked me about it. I am now proud of my white spots. They are part of me. They are me.

Funny thing is that thanks to social media (esp. Instagram), I feel more empowered and proud to share and educate people around me about vitiligo. I follow several instagram users/groups and see how I am not alone. All of these beautiful people with vitiligo are out there & live normal lives. And I know one particular model right now is totally rocking her vit, Winnie Harlow. She is bringing vitiligo out there and making it gosh-smacking-known to the public eye. Oh and of course the beloved late Michael Jackson (there are actually many more celebs with vitiligo)

If it wasn't for Rob, I would probably still be shy, embarrassed, even ashamed about myself. To have someone who loves you just the way you are is a huge blessing. Not only that, I have friends, family and coworkers who look beyond my white patches and just literally love me the way I am. 

Hence, I'm not trying so hard anymore.


Treasure Tromp

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Looking back at my Brazil pictures (which I will share once I am done sorting them out!), one moment that always makes me go, "YAAAASSSSS" is when Rob & I carried Messi & Di Maria (of Argentina WC Team) fatheads during the Belgium vs Argentina at Brasilia. 
me holding Messi and Rob holding Di Maria in Estadio Nacional, Brasilia.
We were kinda like celebrities for a day. Tons of Argentina fans wanted to take pictures with us, we were on the jumbo screen for a couple of times and even the Press Photographers kept on signaling us to pose and take pictures with these Fatheads...

So one day, during sleepy time in Sao Paulo, I started googling "Argentina Fans Brazil World Cup"... and low and behold I found this picture...
credit: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
Then next thing you know I found out that they used these pictures for several news posts...
Univision Deportes & Fox News.
I woke Robert up and went, "HAHAHAHAHA WE IN THE NEWS" Even he was giddy (he rarely gets giddy). 

So for that game, it was a success... We brought the Messi Fathead to the Holland vs Argentina game in Sao Paulo but Mr. Security guy prohibited it. We were bummed... Esp when Argentina won the game via Penalty Kicks. 

Oh well. We had fun. Good thinking on my Boo for bringing these Fatheads. 
Thanks Kinko's for having fast printing service (btw, this is not sponsored by them).

I can't wait to share more about Brazil!


Treasure Tromp

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Remember that little poem I did a while back?

I do have an exciting, nerve wracking, kinda sad yet happy news...

See the picture above?

Zurich Apartments.

The Pillow forwarded me the above email because he is moving to Zurich, Switzerland!!! In 2 weeks...

Which means... This little Bolu girl of yours will be moving to Switzerland too :)

But not until next year :(

Which means the dreaded long distance relationship. #wompwomp

I did LDR a long time ago and it was hard. But then again that's when I was still in High School. Fast forward a billion years later, I think I can handle that. The good thing is that either one of us will be flying in/out to see each other. I will probably be heading to Swiss in September/October to see him and check out our future apartment :)

Can you imagine? Me in Switzerland? I get to pursue my dream to become a Professional Yodeler and Yodel around the Alps. Jk.

Well, this past World Cup pilgrimage with Rob in Brazil was our 3 year celebration and a mini See-You-Later kinda trip. He is currently in Zurich and won't be back til Sunday. Even so I won't be able to see him til next weekend :( then after that he leaves the weekend after. 

So this year will be a challenging one. I can see lots of travel in the near future, but I would rather be right next to my boo any given day.

ZOMG, I'm going to be an Expat! 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Feliz Aniversário

3 years of amazing times.
Thanks for the 6 years of dating and 3 years of "serious" dating... if that's a thing.
love you boo