Thursday, November 20, 2014

Long Drive

"Drive a little slower
Not ready to go home
I rather stay with you
We can take the long way out"
Jason Mraz

When I heard this song for the first time, instant nostalgia. 
It reminded me of my early dates with Rob. You know the thrill, our early talks & giggles, flirty smirks, hands "accidentally" brushing each others, you get the gist. Literally every car ride after our dates, I secretly wished it to be longer and longer, I rather spend the time with him rather going home early. 

Then those car rides turned in to road trips, from along California to all over Europe. 

The song is on constant repeat, and I miss him dearly.

Le sigh.

- Rima

Monday, November 10, 2014

When in Holland...

Hello from Zurich! 
It is freezing here (for a SoCal standard) and I am enjoying a cup of tea with shortbread cookies (the diet went to hell today). The Pillow is busy working in the room, so I like to get fat (not sharing the cookies, okay?) and enjoy my peace and quiet near the dinning table by the kitchen (food = rima)

Just wanted to say a quick HELLO and share you a picture of Rob & I in a traditional Dutch clothing. This wasn't the final picture (it was taken on an iPhone) but nevertheless, if you are in Holland, I really recommend doing this. It's just so fun. The girl that took this picture actually did the costume in reverse with her boyfriend. It was epic to see her tatted up boyfriend wearing the dutch cap and skirt. We did ours at the first and original studio that has been doing this since the 1920s, called Fotograaf Zwarthoed. The service was quick (there was a group of 10 before us, then the "reverse" couple, and then us and Snap Snap in 20 minutes), the 2 ladies that work there dressed us up and were prompt & on it (looked like they've been doing this for years) and the photos were ready in 15 minutes. They had a lot of samples all over the studio and funny thing is that I recognized A LOT of famous Indonesians. A lot of Political faces that I remember from my childhood days. 

A little FYI: Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for 300+ years, hence there were a lot of Indonesians around Holland. And Indonesian food (yaaaaasssss).

Anyways, I hope you have a great Veterans Day week. I salut the troops. I salut the families that are able to stand long distant relationships with the troops (I feel your pain).

Ciao Ciao,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh it's just Me

My fellow curly hair bff, Setarra, nominated me {oh schtank you} for a little award called "One Lovely Blog Award. Yay. I get to share to y'all 7 things about me. It will be very random.

1. A coworker of mine called me Ms. Wanderlust. I giggled. Because it's kinda true. Then he said, " Check the bottom of your feet. An old wives tale says that those with wanderlust, have a freckle somewhere on the bottom of their feet." So I did checked my feet.
Uhm... coincidence? Freakiness? SAY WHAT? I was born that way. 

2. I used to play the piano. Took classes from 2nd grade til 9th. I can't play anymore, well kinda do but super stiff, but I can still read the notes. I even accelerated the theory class, skipped a step up after passing a test made by the toughest teacher in the Piano School! #forevermusicnerd

3. The best sandwich was introduced to me by my father when I was young: Toasted bread filled with peanut butter, nutella and banana.

4. I was genuinely sad and upset when John Mayer & Katy Perry broke up for reals.

5. I can't have long nails. They drive me insane. I have eczema so I have to cut them short, or else I will have open sores from all the scratching :/

6. I suck at gambling. I have no luck. Lady Luck doesn't find me hot. So whenever I'm in Vegas, I just watch. I love people watching in Vegas. It's pretty entertaining. Well Vegas in general is entertaining.

7. I always get mistaken for a Latina or Pinay ALL.THE.TIME. But it's okay. I find it entertaining at times :)

Aha. Who knew how hard it was to come out with 7 random things about yourself!
Boom. I nominate: Melissa, Evani, NaNa :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Such a Heavenly View

Over the weekend, my sister, her husband and I attended the Rise Festival in Jean, Nevada (20 minutes from Las Vegas). And I tell you, it was one of the MOST magical moment that I have ever experience in my whole life. Even Vino, the husband, said "Honestly this was way magical than my honeymoon!" (errr...)

Despite the event was completely disorganized and kinda poorly executed (people didn't get their lanterns & yoga mat, unable to bring outside food, no strollers for kids, and not to forget the HORRIBLE transportation issue), we 3 had an amazing, breathtaking experience. Inspired by the annual Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand, RiSE worked for a year to finally get this event approved and going on in the States. I hope with the logistic incident that happened, the creators/owners can work it out and do this festival annually.

Blue skies all around, this girl was happy.
The event was set in the middle of Mojave Desert, on a dry lake bed in Jean. Pretty neat.
Torches with yoga mats and folded lanterns ready to be written on (for your wishes and prayers)
The ambiance and vibe was very calm and chill, my sister and I couldn't help but to do a yoga pose in the middle of the desert. You just had to :P
This was a wish card. You write your hopes, dreams, prayers on it as you were to write it on your lantern, so you don't forget them. Writing them down on paper and on lantern was pretty emotional. Vino got really emotional and started to cry. I noticed people all around were doing the same thing.
Excuse my weird voice going OMG OMG, but seriously, it was mindblowing. People were cheering, screaming, clapping and actually BAWLING when the lanterns went up. If you have watched Tangled, definitely it reminded me of it. 
Seriously the photos can not justify the event. 

Seriously, it looked like the stars exploded behind me.

I really do hope they fix the problems and let this event become an annual thing. I would go again in a heartbeat! Or better yet, go to Thailand and experience Yi Peng. Whoa, another Travel BucketList!