Thursday, August 28, 2014

Got a Dollar?

Dolla Dolla Make You Holla...

As you know, I wear glasses. Nerdy Glasses FTW.

Anyways, if you are like me (wears glasses), that needs wants a new pair (who doesn't) and have an extra buck (of course you do), my buddies at is having a SAAALLEEEE!!!

Psst. This is what they told me,
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During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1."

One Dollar! $1! Uno! 
For that, you can use promo code: 1dollar

So go and head on to and buy a pair! You know you want one ;)


disclaimer: this post is a promotional post and I am receiving compensation for it. Nevertheless, hey, it's a great ass deal!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Oh yes I am still alive. If you follow me in instagram, you would know ;)
anyways, I meant to share my pics from Brazil, but I know I'm dragging my ass on it. It will happen, yo. Especially when I'm going to embark on a 10 day Euro trip (Zurich, Milan, Paris and back to Z) in Sept to visit the man. 

Well, here's a sneak peak on Brazil.

til then, 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things That I

So I was driving on the way home from my favorite chained farmer's market. And this phrase, "Things That I..." popped up in my head. DING DING DING... This can be a new blog series. I'm really bad in keeping a series alive (like 12 Things or TiLM) because I am an inconsistent person. I get bored easily. Oh well. It is what it is.

So for this series (it can be a link-up if you want), I will fill out the blank of "Things that I ________" with whatever topic that I want to express/talk about... and you guys can join in the fun by writing a post about the current topic. 

So for today the topic is
Things that I will miss when I go on detox.

If you are currently doing a detox, or planning to or actually completed a detox before, you can share about things that you will/had missed during a detox.

Yes, this little missy over here is doing a Liver/Gallbladder Detox starting tomorrow! I'm going thru a cleansing that consists of apple & carrot juices, super green food powder and fiber powder with raw fruits and raw veggies for snacking, which ends with this intense process of excreting gallstones. Intense? Indeed. For information on this little intense detox, you can read this blog post right here. My coworkers think I'm nuts.

1. I will miss eating processed food. I love food. Any kind of food. As you know, bread is my super weakness. I can eat bread like there's no tomorrow. Argh.
2. I will miss baking. Since I am cutting out bread, I'm cutting out baking. 
3. I will miss snacking.
4. I will miss eating meat. Oh my, I made some badass Beef Teriyaki the other day and I was thinking, "Man, I'm gonna miss this..."
5. I will miss drinking tea and cream.

Seriously my diet choices has been bad. I know (even though it's not medically confirmed) I'm sensitive to gluten, yet I still eat them. My skin has been horrible (acne) and my eczema has been flaring up like crazy. I'm tired dealing with it. Plus my fatigue has been getting worse and I know it's because of my poor diet. 

Good thing is that a coworker of mine is joining me with this detox flush. My doctor at work thinks we're crazy. 

I think we are.


Monday, August 11, 2014


So when I saw this someecard the other day last week, I chuckled (well Facetime to be exact). Because this would be my life for the next year or so. 

The Pillow has officially left the country. It was a sad day for me this past Saturday. Or actually started on Friday. I spent time in OC to finalized his packing, emptied out his room, said goodbye to his roommate, Dave and actually sold his car. We went to CarMax (best decision ever. Painless!) and I can tell from his eyes that he was sad to see his first car go (who he named Anna). He got kinda sentimental there, and I could tell that the move is hitting him hard. Last week staring the weekend was like a "farewell" week. We had dinner with my family one night, followed with his cousins, then the rest of the work week, he had dinners/happy hours with his work buddies. But I felt his sadness (he doesn't really show his sadness much) this Friday when we parted with Anna. 

One thing that I will miss for sure is this. Holding hands in the car. It's this little thing that he does when we're on the road. He sometimes randomly kisses it. I just feel the sense of closeness when he does it. 

Another one is this. Being silly and taking weird selfies while he is asleep. He hates when I do this. He hates it more if I share it to the world. Tee hee... but I can't help it. 

So after going to church and saying bye to some of the members, we loaded up the car and head to LAX. My chest felt heavy. I really just wanted him to stay. But I know that wasn't possible. After checking in, we walked towards the gate and said our "see you later". He said, "you're not going to cry right?" By that time, my eyes were getting watery. And he gave me a big hug & a kiss. I just quickly said, "Bye..." and walked away. By that time, tears were rollin'. I didn't even look back. Right when I got in to the car I texted him saying that I want it to be brief because if it wasn't, I would've probably hugged him to the point of not letting go with full on snot face. So I cried a little bit more in the car, drove to McDonald's and had some fried. McD fries heals temporary pain #truestory

Then of course Supermoon decided to show up over the weekend. I love Full Moons so if only I was able to enjoy it with Rob. So instead, as usual, I say a prayer. I prayed for him and I. I prayed that this LDR will be a great thing for our relationship. To strengthen our bond. We're strong, but I desire to be stronger. I prayed that he will be okay there, especially when he barely knows anyone besides some coworkers. I prayed for his health, since I'm not there to take care of him. I prayed for him to still be awesome. I prayed. 

So today is Day 2. I have his old college t-shirt next to me. I do miss him. Thank God for Facetime. We set a Facetime date (9PM here, 6AM there) to do every day. WhatsApp/Voxer & Facetime will be our BFF.

Have you dealt with LDR? Any tips/suggestions? #TheStruggleIsReal

xoxo, Rima