Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things That I

So I was driving on the way home from my favorite chained farmer's market. And this phrase, "Things That I..." popped up in my head. DING DING DING... This can be a new blog series. I'm really bad in keeping a series alive (like 12 Things or TiLM) because I am an inconsistent person. I get bored easily. Oh well. It is what it is.

So for this series (it can be a link-up if you want), I will fill out the blank of "Things that I ________" with whatever topic that I want to express/talk about... and you guys can join in the fun by writing a post about the current topic. 

So for today the topic is
Things that I will miss when I go on detox.

If you are currently doing a detox, or planning to or actually completed a detox before, you can share about things that you will/had missed during a detox.

Yes, this little missy over here is doing a Liver/Gallbladder Detox starting tomorrow! I'm going thru a cleansing that consists of apple & carrot juices, super green food powder and fiber powder with raw fruits and raw veggies for snacking, which ends with this intense process of excreting gallstones. Intense? Indeed. For information on this little intense detox, you can read this blog post right here. My coworkers think I'm nuts.

1. I will miss eating processed food. I love food. Any kind of food. As you know, bread is my super weakness. I can eat bread like there's no tomorrow. Argh.
2. I will miss baking. Since I am cutting out bread, I'm cutting out baking. 
3. I will miss snacking.
4. I will miss eating meat. Oh my, I made some badass Beef Teriyaki the other day and I was thinking, "Man, I'm gonna miss this..."
5. I will miss drinking tea and cream.

Seriously my diet choices has been bad. I know (even though it's not medically confirmed) I'm sensitive to gluten, yet I still eat them. My skin has been horrible (acne) and my eczema has been flaring up like crazy. I'm tired dealing with it. Plus my fatigue has been getting worse and I know it's because of my poor diet. 

Good thing is that a coworker of mine is joining me with this detox flush. My doctor at work thinks we're crazy. 

I think we are.


Monday, August 11, 2014


So when I saw this someecard the other day last week, I chuckled (well Facetime to be exact). Because this would be my life for the next year or so. 

The Pillow has officially left the country. It was a sad day for me this past Saturday. Or actually started on Friday. I spent time in OC to finalized his packing, emptied out his room, said goodbye to his roommate, Dave and actually sold his car. We went to CarMax (best decision ever. Painless!) and I can tell from his eyes that he was sad to see his first car go (who he named Anna). He got kinda sentimental there, and I could tell that the move is hitting him hard. Last week staring the weekend was like a "farewell" week. We had dinner with my family one night, followed with his cousins, then the rest of the work week, he had dinners/happy hours with his work buddies. But I felt his sadness (he doesn't really show his sadness much) this Friday when we parted with Anna. 

One thing that I will miss for sure is this. Holding hands in the car. It's this little thing that he does when we're on the road. He sometimes randomly kisses it. I just feel the sense of closeness when he does it. 

Another one is this. Being silly and taking weird selfies while he is asleep. He hates when I do this. He hates it more if I share it to the world. Tee hee... but I can't help it. 

So after going to church and saying bye to some of the members, we loaded up the car and head to LAX. My chest felt heavy. I really just wanted him to stay. But I know that wasn't possible. After checking in, we walked towards the gate and said our "see you later". He said, "you're not going to cry right?" By that time, my eyes were getting watery. And he gave me a big hug & a kiss. I just quickly said, "Bye..." and walked away. By that time, tears were rollin'. I didn't even look back. Right when I got in to the car I texted him saying that I want it to be brief because if it wasn't, I would've probably hugged him to the point of not letting go with full on snot face. So I cried a little bit more in the car, drove to McDonald's and had some fried. McD fries heals temporary pain #truestory

Then of course Supermoon decided to show up over the weekend. I love Full Moons so if only I was able to enjoy it with Rob. So instead, as usual, I say a prayer. I prayed for him and I. I prayed that this LDR will be a great thing for our relationship. To strengthen our bond. We're strong, but I desire to be stronger. I prayed that he will be okay there, especially when he barely knows anyone besides some coworkers. I prayed for his health, since I'm not there to take care of him. I prayed for him to still be awesome. I prayed. 

So today is Day 2. I have his old college t-shirt next to me. I do miss him. Thank God for Facetime. We set a Facetime date (9PM here, 6AM there) to do every day. WhatsApp/Voxer & Facetime will be our BFF.

Have you dealt with LDR? Any tips/suggestions? #TheStruggleIsReal

xoxo, Rima

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#bolugoestobrazil: I'm on Top of the World

Cue that Imagine Dragon song... (or Carpenters if you're old school like me)...

This was the time in Brazil that I felt near to death. 
Not because of the possible of getting mobbed. Or getting ran over by hardcore Argentinean fans. Or by being too sexy (jk).
It was all from this damn freaking hike I did. I couldn't breath. I was so out of shape. I felt like an asthmatic, I was pretty much wheezing and out of breath, I had to pause a lot and actually hating myself big time for doing this hike. I'm not a big outdoorsy person in the first place.

Anyways, Rob's friends from OC was in Rio too for the World Cup and invited us to do this hike tour at a nearby hill/mountain. They sent some instagram pictures of the view, and I was like, "Yeah sure. Sign us up." I looked to Rob and said, "I think I can do it. It's an easy hike, right?" So off to Morro Dois Irmaos (means two brother hills) we went. We met up with our tour group at a Sheraton in Leblon. After a small introduction & briefing ("The hike is pretty easy"), we had a little walk to the beginning of the favela, Vidigal. We took a VW Combi van thru out the favela and stop at the entrance of the trail. I swallow my saliva. Gulp.
my "before-i-die" smile.

I was dead wrong. I really wanted to die. DIE DIE DIE. My legs were super sore, they were like jello on the way down. I had to stop multiple time, kinda slowing down the tour. There were 6 of us plus our tour guide, Mo. Rob felt bad, but being the good boy he is, he waited for me and helped me with my bratty rants, "F***, why did I sign up for this? WTF". Good thing there was only one way up & one way down, so no chance of getting lost. We saw people walking down and they say the view up the mountain was worth it. Kinda gave me a boost... a little. Mr. Mo said there are 3 break stops on the way to the top for pictures and such. 

Stop number one: The view of Favela Vidigal. Impressive. I can't believe these people live in these stacks of houses on the foothills of Morro Dois Irmaos.
 They look like toys from above! Legos!
I forgot the name of this mountain, but this is where people paraglide in Rio! 
You can see Christ the Redeemer from here. Hi Jesus!

After another intense hike thru the mini "forest", we made it to the second stop, and I just had to take a breather. At least the view wasn't too bad...
Effin' tired.

At the third stop, I really wanted to give up. My right calf was cramping up really bad. I didn't even have the mood to take pictures. I was tired, exhausted, the humidity was making me mad, and my water that I have was sparkling. WHO DRINKS SPARKLING WATER WHEN YOU'RE PANTING FOR AIR? It burns! But I didn't want to make a fool out of myself or embarrassed Rob, I man up and freakin' went for it. When I was at the top, I was in awe. Literally that Imagine Dragon song automatically played in my head.

The peak of Morro Dois Irmaos overlooks Ipanema, Cobacabana, pretty much the whole city of Rio De Janeiro. It was breathtaking. Amazing. My mind was totally off of my sore legs. The breeze was incredible, it felt really good.

Yup, that circle was where we were. That view was amazing. We spent like 45 minutes there, just enjoying the view. Then after that precious time, we headed down. It was rough. There were some steep pathways, so lots of squatting down and balancing were done. *groan* After we got back down to the top of the village/beginning of trail, we walked down towards town thru the Favela. 

I noticed when I was in Brazil, the Brazilians really do love graffiti. From the weird ones to pretty ones. Setarra would love Brazil. Seriously.

Of course the next 5 days in Brazil, I had a hard time walking, let alone sitting down to pee or tie my shoes. The struggle was super real. Rob had to help me get up multiple times... He was LOLing hard. #damn.

Despite that crazy hike, the view of awesomeness really paid off the fatigue I experienced. Apparently this is literally a new hike, even a lot of Brazilians don't really know about this trail. Super cool. If you ever get a chance to visit, I do recommend hiking up the peak of Morro Dois Irmaos. You won't regret it. I thought I regret it at the time, but now I am glad that I did it!


PS: Tour was done thru Trilha Dois Irmaos. I do recommend them! And ask for Mohammed (he is Turkish, speaks 8 languages, and is awesome). *i am not affiliated with them. i am recommending them!*

Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh the Essentials...

Ok. Let's say shit just happen and you need to grab 5 things! Like right now, right now!!! What would you grab?

Funny how I have a basket of bread in it. 

For sure I would grab:
  • My glasses. I really can not see without my glasses. I hate seeing blurry and it bothers me if I go out wearing contact lenses and not having my glasses in my purse. I know by the end of the day my eyes will get sooo tired, it's so annoying. Glasses is a must for me.
  • A sweater/hoodie. I get cold easily. Sometimes I think 70F is cold and it's a sweater weather. Seriously. I try to have at least one or two sweater/hoodie in my car and usually carry one (or a light cardigan) when I'm out with Rob. 
  • My Birkenstock. The Good Lord above has been nice to me by whispering in my ear about Birkenstock (I'm being weird, really). I suffered from plantar fasciitis for quite some time and it's painfully annoying. I've been trying different shoes and sandals with no luck. Til I decided to get a pair of Birks. Oh dear Lord I was happy. My feet was in feet heaven for being pain free. I wore that sucker up and down Maui and Brazil. And it still looks nice. That thing is solid. I'm glad that it's becoming a new fashion trend (with a lot of companies doing their "mock" version of Birks). People at work teased me by calling me a hippie when I wear it. I swear I was a hippie in my past life.
  • My Samsung S5. This phone is the ish. It works as a phone, messenger, camera, music player, video player, flash light, calendar, alarm... you name it. The perfect all in one.
  • Bread. Y'all know I'm a baker and my favorite thing to bake is bread. If shit happens, I'm gonna grab all the bread that's at home. Seriously. This girl can live off of bread. 
So if you need to send me a care package, let's say, when I get stranded in an island, these would be my essentials (please double on the bread).

Speaking of packages, have you ever had a hard time creating a gift package for that special Man in your life? I do. I have the hardest time getting Rob a gift. I usually give up and just bluntly ask him "what do you want for your birthday?" And annoyingly he would say, "Surprise me!" Fuck.

Then comes ManCrates. It's a website where they have "crates" filled with gifts specifically for men. Hallelujah. Literally, the gifts come in a crate box, complete with a crowbar. How legit is that? I'm actually wanting to get a crate for my bro. 

I think the Bro would love it. I probably gonna get one for Rob for his birthday (GO PACK GO!)

Seriously, this is like the best BRO/DUDE gift ever. Even I want one. 

So what are your essentials? 

xoxo, Rima

ps: I was approached by the nice people of and am not compensated for this. All opinions are solely mine. Actually I am glad that they approached me because now I have a place to go and get gifts for the men in my life!!!!