Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So we've been here and there...

But have never been to Hawaii.
My coworkers were like, "Gurl, you and your Pillowman (esp him) have been ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yet, YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO HAWAII?"
Yes. Well, scratch that. I've been to Hawaii. In 1995. Honolulu. Airport only. So technically I've set my feet in Hawaii but just for a layover... that I don't even remember.

So The PillowMan surprised me with a trip to Maui for a birthday weekend getaway... which wasn't enough. 2 full days in Maui was actually not enough... especially when you had major GI issues during the trip (I contracted food poisoning the day before our trip. Womp womp). Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Maui with a bloated stomach was a challenge. I managed tho! #proudofself 
 We got to the hotel pretty late so I pretty much just crashed by the time I saw my comfy hotel bed. 
And woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and ocean waves crashing. Can't beat that.

So pretty much we spent a day doing nothing. Literally tanning, walking around, hitting the infinity pool, eat and shop. Oh of course enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian sunset.
Also our room faces the Luau. So hell yea... Bathroom within reach while enjoying the Luau. My main concern pretty much was, "I need a restroom to poop" (sorry, poop talk).
The next day I met up with an ex-coworker-turned-friend who is a Maui native (who decided to head back to the islands after graduating). He gave us some tips on our drive to Hana. We got a convertible (all you see in the roads of Maui are Convertible Mustangs and Jeeps) and of course had our hood down so I can get a tan (which I don't need). 
The road was very winding and crazy. Lots of narrow, one car bridges where you have to yield with the opposite traffic. Scary. On the way to Hana, we spot a garden called Garden of Eden. Breathtaking I say.
Then we passed by a Coconut Ice Creamery that was delicious! Served in a coconut!
Since our time was limited (plus I had the bubble guts), my Maui friend told us to hit the Black Sand Beach in Wai'anapanapa State Park. Gosh the view was amazing. They have this interesting cave that you can go into that ends with waves crashing in to it. The sand is literally black... little small black rocks.
 Then... this was interesting. Buddy Maui also mentioned about the Red Sand Beach in Kaihalulu Bay... which is a hidden beach, mainly known to the locals, but I believe lots of tourists are getting to know about it. It's a challenge to hike in to and back from... especially when you're having crazy gassy stomach and wearing Birkenstocks (uh that would be me). He also warned me that it's a nude beach as well... which of course, I caught a glimpse of Hippie Penis. There was a group of hippies... doing their MJ and strumming along their guitars while skinny dipping in the ocean. Must be liberating.
Then sadly, the last day arrived and my food poisoning was gone. Really? Why can't you be gone in the first place?!?!? I decided to wear my new Aloha shirt and show off my Spam Musubi.

So I'm super glad that Rob decided with Hawaii. I know he's been wanting to cross it off his list so it was a Win-Win situation. I needed a getaway/celebration & he just wanted to go somewhere new. Too bad the trip was short (and of course my stomach flu sucked), but we don't mind going back again. We could've extended the trip but apparently Rob had another surprise for me back home.

We headed back to California and stayed the night in Pasadena. He wanted me to wake up in my birth city on my 30th birthday *cue the awws*. And, he wanted to take me to the hospital that I was born at and do a mini-tour. He's too cute... and little evil... because he made me do this...
I was like, "Is there anybody behind me? Hurry up and take that picture!" Haha.
We walked around Old Town Pasadena, had Thai Food (yay) and just window shopping. He said he had a small birthday dinner for us at Flemings in Los Angeles. Never had Flemings before so I was excited! So to kill time (since we just ate), we drove around DTLA to enjoy the sunset and hit up the American Apparel HQ.
Then we headed to Flemings.
Then to find out... it was a surprise dinner with my sisters... and Adam-Bean. I was sooo happy.
Apparently Rob has been secretly texting them about this dinner! To see my sisters on my birthday was the icing on the cake... especially Adam. Super stoked!

Rob did a great job making my 30th awesome. I love you, Boo. I feel super blessed to have a loving man like him *cue the cheese*

My 20s was awesome. 30s would be better. I heard the 30s is the new 20s? We shall see :)


ps: next stop: Coachella Music Festival. Let my inner hippie blossom!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I love my Man

Not to sound cheesy, but I really do love my Man aka the Pillow aka The Traveling Pillow aka Kuma-san aka Robert.

He planned a surprise trip for me as a gift for my 30th birthday... and I didn't know my destination until I got to LAX. He was throwing me off with annoying hints for at least 2 weeks. Even when we got to LAX, he was throwing me off by bringing me to the departing tv monitors and saying, "OK... the trip is... you pick the destination!" I was like, "uh, no... I don't like this! That's not possible! How are we gonna book it?" blah blah blah (mind you, I was fighting food poisoning at the same time... I was getting body chills. Sickness? Yes. Excited? Hell yeah. Combo of both? Not that great). 

Then he went, "We're going to Maui!"
And I tell you, my body was literally shaking for reals. Shivering to the max. The combination of excitement and illness collided. Even the TSA guy looked kinda concerned. 

Once I get the time, I will share some more pictures of Maui. 
The Road to Hana and the search for the Red Sand Beach (nude beach!) was awesome.

Wait for it.


ps: thank you, babycakes (I know you hate that word), for the birthday getaway. I started my 30s with a bang. We both needed some time off from work (esp you!) and we created tons of memories (and inside jokes!) during our short trip to Maui. Now we can cross off Hawaii off our list :) Me love you long time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


and you're like whaaaaatttt?

ok, if you follow me on instagram, I just started this hashtag of a title. I know you've probably seen #100happydays, or something like that... and yes, I've tried, but honestly failed. I'm pretty bad on being compliant on that department.

But then I decided yesterday, March 31, "oh since tomorrow is April, why not start a 30 day challenge kinda thing? Oh and it's your birth month... Oh and you're turning the big three O". 

So there you have it. My birthday is coming up and I want to celebrate! And let's start with taking pictures that make me happy for this month. By the end of the month, I will post all 30 pictures. Yay.

Well, here's number 1.

caption: "An empty area at 5pm in the ER is a good thing... esp on the psych & jail ward"

A slow day in the ER is a GOOD day... which in this case, at 6pm we got slammed with 6 patients all at the same time. Uh, thanks.

Other plans for this birth month:
a surprise trip on Thursday
baking a Carrot Cake for the April babies in the ER

I'm excited. I'm starting my 30s. I can't believe I made it to my upcoming 30th year.

Yay to April!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Chimmy's Corner

Ruff's up? Today I want to show you a super cute video of a little small bulldog... rollin'. 
In the spirit of Spring (yaaay), I would like to introduce to you Sophie.

Now let me nudge Ma to take me to the park!

slobber kisses,