Thursday, February 5, 2015


.... mmmm....
i don't have any desire to post anything.
zilch. zero. nada. nein.

gonna take a hiatus.
need to find inspirations.
i think it's because i've been too busy working (it's getting dull and monotonous).
i think it's because of me and rob being far apart. my weekends consist of either working or seriously lounging at home. since he's been gone, i have become a true homebody. 

i will still be active on instagram. it's a lot easier than blogging. point, click, post.

au revoir, blog land. i will be back. hopefully better.

- rima

Saturday, January 24, 2015

And the next trip is to...


I seriously can not contain myself. At first I was hesitant to change my itinerary, but with some convincing from The Pillow (oh thanks love), I was like, "F* it! #YOLO". If not now, when.

Well I will be only there for a 4 day weekend, then followed with my original plan of going to Zurich. One thing is that I have multiple layovers, including one-nighter in Oslo, but hay, enjoy it while I can, right? Plus I love Heathrow Airport.

Our main goal is, of course, to see Aurora Borealis. I am really hoping for a view, even if it's for 5 minutes. I will probably cry.

Now time to buy some snow boots. I guess an investment since I will be using that in Zurich too!



Saturday, January 17, 2015

And just like that...

I just booked an impromptu trip to Zurich again. 
Being in a long distance/overseas relationship is hard.
You miss your lover yet circumstances is in the way.
The Pillow was supposed to visit me in February yet his work schedule is crazy. He had to postponed his trip :(
Meanwhile, I already arranged my work schedule for his visit. #fail.
Then an idea came up. #dingdingding
"Oh hay, girl. You got the time off and you got miles to use... Then why don't you fly out to Zurich?"
And just like that, I just booked my flight out to Zurich for February.

This will be my first international trip for 2015.
Well, this upcoming Tuesday was supposed to be it, to Jakarta... But it got cancelled because of a death in the family. And I'm claiming it on my travel insurance. Let's see where that goes. I'm already expecting major loss on my ticket and hotel. Has anyone dealt with claiming on travel insurance for cancellation? #lesigh

Anyways, I can't wait for February. There is a chance that Rob might have a travel assignment while I'm there (not sure where, most likely somewhere in France) and he told me that I can tag along. Yaaassss...

Isn't it crazy that I miss being in a plane?


Thursday, January 8, 2015

12 Things/Happy New Years!

Oh my. Happy New Year 2015! Whoa can not believe 2014 just flew by like crazy. Facebook has this thing now that it gives you what you posted a year (or two) ago when you update or post something on your wall. And just like that I remember I celebrated New Years in Cancun last year! Crazy. My 2015 celebration was filled with friends, Joshua Tree in the cold, Beers & Fireball, eating like crazy, sleeping on the floor, road trip to Vegas and watched Justin Timberlake, eating like pig at Wicked Spoon Buffet and a 6 hours drive back from Vegas. Mind you, I was sick as well. I apologize to my friends for making them sick :(

 team Joshua Tree
Team 20/20 Vegas

Anyways, New Year means New Goals. In my case, it's 12 Things. 
Before I head on to 2015, I wanna recap last years. 

Complete ProBaking 1 & 2 at The New School of Cooking
Unfortunately, when I passed ProBaking 1, my school got popular and decided to revamp the program and merged 1&2 together. I asked what if I want to just complete ProBaking 2, they said they can't since it's a new program now :( But I did for sure had a really fun time. I love that school and highly recommend it! I don't mind actually repeat the whole program again since now it's more professional now! 
Enjoy Coachella 2014 with my friends & brother & The PillowMan
And yes indeed I enjoyed Coachella!
Travel abroad to somewhere new
Now this was majorly accomplished. I visited: Cancun, Mexico; Maui, HI; Grand Canyon, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Brazil; Lake Como, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Interlaken, Thun, Boltigen, Switzerland. 
Lower my debt by half or more
Do another 5K
Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Celebrate my 30th Birthday
Yup, I hit 3.0 and couldn't be happier by celebrating it with a surprise trip to Maui from the Pillow followed by a surprise visit to my birth hospital and a surprise dinner with my sisters, all coordinated by the Pillow. He is such a keeper :)
Plan a weekend getaway with my Family (Chimichanga included)
No Social Media Sabbath/Saturday
Now this lasted only for a couple of weeks. It was good, but seriously my habit of just grabbing the phone needs to lessen. I really need to unwire myself from the digital world. Luckily I'm interested in reading novels again!
Own a Le Creuset Dutch Oven & Make Boeuf Bourguignon & Coq Au Vin
I was happy when I found a steal on a Le Creuset dutch oven at Marshalls. So far that thing is like the to-go kitchen stuff at home. I have yet to make Coq Au Vin.
Hang out with Kiki Peter because I miss her dearly (which means... Paris!)
Sadly this almoooossstttt happened in October. Ticket was purchased and all but unfortunately Air France's pilots went on a strike, canceling my trip to Paris. I was so bummed.
Make my own Cheese

So I only managed like 5ish out of the 12. Hahaha... #fail. But oh well. I was too busy living. Rob was in the process of moving towards the mid year, and I was busy trying to keep myself, well, busy. 

As for 2015...
Learn how to Meditate
with a lot of things going around in the world (tons of negativity), I find it nice and calming when I drive alone, no music, just talking, venting to God. I truly want to learn how to meditate properly. Or at least to my own standard. 
Pay Tithe
This is something I struggle personally with. Money has always been a tight and "urgh" subject lately, but I know if I'm diligent, the Lord will bless me. #letsgo
Visit a new place: Iceland
Ever since Walter Mitty and being amazed with the Northern Lights, this has been an obsession. Must.Happen.This.Year
Be Healthy
A little FYI: I have been sick for a month. I just went to the Urgent Care today (at the plea of my mother) and I even got a chest xray. Thank God I don't have Pneumonia, just a sinus infection with a nasty cough. This flu season is rough. Please stay healthy. Also, I just want to be healthy in general. I think a 30 minute walk with Chimmy everyday should be reasonable, right? #getonit
Learn German
With the move of the Pillow to Switzerland, it kinda reinforce me to learn one of their national language. I wanted to learn German when I was in Junior High. Rob got me a Fluenz program for German. I need to start using it.
Unclutter: donate or sell
I vow every weekend to start cleaning up my closet. Either I donate them or sell them via Ebay/Etsy/Poshmark. 
Get a Physical Exam
Something that I've always wanted to do. Since I kinda ignored this in my 20s, and this young body ain't getting younger at all, I guess I should start focusing more on my health. And find a good Primary Doctor.
Bake something new every month
So far my favorite thing to bake is bread (funny thing is that a lot people ask me that question), but I would like to venture out more this year. Suggestions are welcomed!
Enjoy California
California is a big state, and I know I have taken it for granted, especially being born here and living here for the past 13 years. I hope to drive up the PCH soon. 
Move to Switzerland
New Land. New Life. Can't wait.